Major Tech High Temp Infra Red Thermometer

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  1. Spot Ratio 50:1
  2. Temperature -50 to 1000 °C
  3. Adjustable emissivity
  4. Built-in laser pointer
  5. Trigger Lock
  6. 0.1°C Resolution
  7. Automatic data hold
  8. °C or °F
  9. High and Low alarm
  10. Max / Min / DIF / AVG
  11. White backlight LCD display
  12. Overrange indicationV ~ 20V
  13. Time-Based Range: 2ns/div ~ 50s
  14. Storage: Setup, Wave, Bitmap
  15. Trigger Modes: Edge, Pulse, Alternate
  16. Interfaces: USB OTG
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The MT699 is a sophisticated non-contact infrared thermometer and is ideal for use where extremely high temperature measurements are required. The meter includes features such as Max, Min, Dif, Avg recordings, automatic data hold, high and low alarm and adjustable emissivity. The MT699 has a unique flat surface, modern housing design with built-in laser pointer that provides fast, easy and accurate readings for Most surface temperature measurements. Spot ration 50:1 measures smaller surface areas at greater distances. It also has a wide temperature range of -50°C to 1000°C.

Dimensions: 230 x 56 x 100mm
Weight: 290g

Carrying case
9V Battery
Instruction manual