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Avoid accidents when you dig, trench or excavate that invlolve buried or underwater cables

Damage prevention and operational efficiency are the biggest challenges facing you today

The new RD8200 is a no compromise all-industry locator, designed for accurate and effective every day use

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Features include:

Adaptable in challenging environments

  • Ideal for congested underground infrastructures
  • Rejects strong interfering signals
  • Identify target power cable in the presence of many

Technology driven best on-site practise

  • Encourage correct locator handling for improved detection
  • Monitor field operations through the automatic usage logging feature
  • Proof of work to differentiate your operations from your competition and add value to your clients

Ergonomic design, premium quality

  • Rugged yet light weight and ergonomic
  • Designed and built to the highest standards in Great Britain
  • Self Test for confidence and trust in your locator measurements

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