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Key features

For IoT & IIoT applications

LoRa AllianceTM certified
License-free 868 MHz ISM band
ETSI compliant (25 mW/ +14 dBm)
Bi-directional communication
Custom radio antenna for optimal radio link quality
-137dBm sensitivity (with range up to 15 km)
High data transmission reliability (robustification features) Enhanced security (double AES-128 encryption) Data analytics and embedded intelligence
Event notification (such as threshold overrun, etc.) Battery level notification
Easy “plug and play” activation with magnet

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For which requirements:

– Monitoring gas, water, electricity consumption and environmental datas as temperature, humidity
– Energy consumption reduction
– Space and comfort optimization
– Industrial operations management …

Senlab advantages:

  • Easy and fast integration Senlab Sensors,
  • Content-Rich Data thanks to high data compression algorithms
  • Low cost and a simple acquisition
  • Industrialized “place & forget” sensors with 15-20 years of battery life

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