Major Tech MT350 Loop Impedance and PSC Tester

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  1. Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy and reliability
  2. Loop impedance of 2000? range measurement is carried out with low test current (15mA)
  3. Automatic Lock-Out if Test Resistor Overheats
  4. Direct readout of Prospective Short Circuit Current and Earth Fault Current
  5. Measures low loop impedance of 0.01?
  6. 3 LED’s for checking correct wiring status
  7. Safe voltage measurement function
  8. Visual indication of reversed phase and neutral at wiring socket
  9. Double injection rubber housing
  10. CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V
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The MT350 is a handheld microprocessor controlled Loop Impedance and PSC Tester, which includes 3 loop impedance measuring ranges capable of measurements from any point in the installation for comprehensive testing of distribution systems. The MT350 gives a direct readout of PSC and earth fault current to a maximum of 20kA in 3 measuring ranges. Other features include 3 LED?s for checking the correct wiring status of the circuit under test and the automatic lockout if the resistors overheat. The meter is?supplied in double injection rubber housing.


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