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ST3200C series optical time domain reflectometer OTDR is a new generation of portable and intelligent measuring instrument for testing optical fibre communication systems. It boasts a 5.6 inch colour touch screen, button/touch dual operation

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Internal integration of eight major functional modules, multi-functional integration to help customers effectively solve the field test and maintenance; The highest 45 dB dynamic range, can penetrate optical splitter, effective PON network testing; Intelligent power-saving management, 20 hours long standby and efficient protection.

Includes Optical power meter, laser, Visual Fault Locator and Event Map with iOLM functionality.


High Performance Test

  • 5.6 inch color TFT LCD display, touch / key dual operation
  • Dynamic range: 35/33dB, maximum to 45dB
  • Less than 0.8 meters ultra short event blind area testing optical fiber jumper freely
  • Link optical nondestructive testing
  • Signal optical detection function (Effective protection of APD)

Multifunctional Test – Standard Configuration


Stable laser source

Visual red light fault location (VFL)

Optical power meter (OPM)

Multifunctional Test – Intelligent Optical Link Mapper [iOLM]

  • Optical fiber end face detection
  • Optical Loss test
  • Fault location

Further operational features

  • One key automatic test
  • Unique diagnostic function for test results
  • Multi wavelength simultaneous testing function
  • Ethernet Remote control function
  • Convenient data processing
  • English input function
  • Automatic data storage
  • SOR batch processing
  • Remote upgrade function
  • High reliability
  • 20h super long standby
  • 1.5meter drop test
  • Waterproof and splash proof
  • Operating temperature -10℃~50℃

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